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Pension Plan

"At the age of 66, that’s when life begins" (paraphrase), the sprightly Austrian singer Udo Jürgens once sang. In order to welcome retirement or a new phase of your life carefreely, it is necessary to have financial resources at hand. That's why it is important to cover any gaps in your pension provision at an early stage and find out how much money you will need to maintain your desired standard of living after retirement.


Retirement planning is not just about planning for one’s future pension, however. It is also necessary to consider how one will provide for one’s next of kin, if this is relevant, or it might include devising a savings plan in order to finance a property. No matter what your retirement planning concerns are, we will support you every step of the way with constructive advice in the areas listed below. Feel free to reach out to us- without a binding obligation- on these or other, not listed, topics.

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