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Ilena Meichtry

Assistant to the management

With fresh vigour and a sparkling energy, she brings a new dynamic to the team and makes an invaluable contribution to the management of the company. Despite her youth, Ilena is remarkably mature and responsible. She skilfully juggles the many tasks and challenges that her position entails and proves that experience is not always a prerequisite for excellent work.

Ilena is curious and always willing to learn. She is enthusiastic about the latest developments in her field and is keen to continuously expand her knowledge and skills. Her fresh perspective and creative ideas often bring innovative solutions to existing problems.

Ilena is known not only for her communication skills, but also for her ability to be friendly and helpful even in stressful situations.

Ilena is much more than just an assistant; she is the management's right-hand woman and an invaluable member of the team. With her commitment and her smile, she contributes significantly to the success of the company.

Languages: German, English

Bild Ilena Meichtry
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