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Naomi Poloni

Certified Fiduciary, Federal Diploma of Higher Education


Naomi not only masters numbers, but also the art of communicating in different languages. Her multilingualism enables her to interact seamlessly with clients and business partners around the world. With her expertise, she builds bridges and trust between different cultures.

Her federal diploma is a testament to her commitment and ability to handle complex financial matters. She is able to offer comprehensive advice tailored to the individual needs of her clients.

Naomi is not only a fiduciary, but also a trustworthy partner. Her motivation is evident in her constant pursuit of excellence. Naomi sets herself high standards to ensure that she can always offer her clients the best possible advice and support. She is the one who is always looking for efficient solutions to achieve her clients' goals.

Her positive attitude and willingness to take on challenges are infectious. Naomi is a source of inspiration for her team and her clients. She is the one who motivates and encourages to get the best out of every situation.

Languages: German, Italian, English, French, Spanish (A1)

Bild Naomi Poloni
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