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Senior Expert Security


Nandi, the four-legged safety expert, is a long-standing team member. 

When he's not patrolling with his paws, he's working on his "Dog Security Handbook". This covers important topics such as "How to impress intruders with indifference" and "Effective biscuit bookkeeping". Of course, the section "The Art of Relaxed Sleeping Without Disturbance" is not to be missed.

Nandi takes his role as a security expert very seriously - especially when it comes to guarding his beloved bone. One suspicious squeak and he's on the spot in a flash.

Our safety philosophy: With Nandi at our side, you can sit back and relax, because he is always ready to ensure a safe and fun office. He is the "pawsome" partner you can trust!

Stay tuned for the latest safety tips from Nandi, from "How to relax on the couch" to "How to enjoy a dog's life to the fullest". Nandi, the dog and safety expert, will watch over you and make sure you have fun at the same time.



Languages: unclear

Bild Nandi
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