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Simone Blum

 Senior Consultant Real Estate

Simone is a remarkable personality who unites the worlds of architecture and property in a unique way. As a qualified architect ETH and experienced senior consultant in the property industry, she has a deep understanding of the construction industry and the property world.

Her academic excellence and practical experience enable Simone to develop innovative solutions and successfully guide projects from conception to realisation. Her work as an architect has taught her to balance the aesthetics, functionality and sustainability of property, while her role as a property consultant has taught her to meet client needs.

Simone stands out not only for her in-depth expertise, but also for her ability to turn creative ideas into profitable property projects. She understands that properties are not just buildings, but living spaces that influence people's daily lives.

Her passion for the property world and her love of architecture are reflected in her commitment to excellence. Simone is not only a consultant, but also a visionary who is helping to shape the future of the property industry.

Her clients value not only her knowledge and professionalism, but also her authentic manner and her ability to communicate complex concepts in an understandable way. Simone is not only a senior consultant and architect, but also an inspiring personality.

Languages: German, English

Bild Simone Blum
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