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Rita Schenker

Senior Consultant Import / Export

An experienced senior consultant in the fashion and import industry, Rita is undoubtedly a living legend in her field. With decades of valuable experience, she has significantly shaped and influenced the fashion and import industry.

She is fluent in several languages and uses these skills to build global business relationships and manage international projects. Her communication skills are impeccable and help to overcome cultural barriers and open up business opportunities around the world.

Her expertise spans all aspects of retail, from trend spotting and design to global sourcing and logistics. Rita knows the international fashion sector like the back of her hand and has a unique sense of style, quality and marketing. What really sets Rita apart is her ability to anticipate trends and find innovative ways to fulfil customers' needs. Her decisions have had a lasting impact on the industry.

Rita is not only an expert, but also an inspiring mentor and trailblazer for anyone who wants to succeed in this sector. She generously shares her knowledge and passion with her colleagues and helps them to realise their full potential.

Her reputation as a legend in the fashion scene is undisputed. Rita is not only a trusted advisor, but also a source of inspiration for the entire industry. Her name is synonymous with excellence, style and innovation. With her tireless passion and unrivalled expertise, she will continue to influence the fashion and import world.

Languages: German, Italian, French, English, Spanish

Bild Rita Schenker
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