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Milena Sotonica

Fiduciary clerk

Milena is a remarkable person in her field of work as a multilingual clerk in fiduciary services. She greets each new day with a broad smile, ready to take on the many challenges of her job.

Milena is not only a linguistic genius, but also extremely conscientious in her work. As a Fiduciary Clerk, she is responsible for managing her clients' financial affairs with the utmost accuracy. She is known for never tolerating a mistake and always endeavouring to do her job to the highest standard. However, what really sets Milena apart is her ability to build a personal connection with her clients. Despite the often dry and complex nature of her work, she manages to create an atmosphere of trust and sympathy. She always takes the time to listen to her clients, understand their concerns and offer customised solutions that meet their individual needs.

Her colleagues admire her for her professionalism and her ability to remain calm under pressure. Even in stressful situations, Milena always keeps a cool head and finds pragmatic solutions to any challenge she faces.

Milena is more than just a fiduciary clerk. She is a bridge-builder between different cultures and languages, a person of trust for her clients. Her commitment to excellence and her human approach to work make her an indispensable force in our company.

Languages: German, Italian, French, English

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